Murer - Anatomy of a Trial

Murer - Anatomy of a Trial

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2018 132 min Drama Age rating: 12
Language: Original version (German, English, Yiddish, Hebrew) / Audio description
STL: German, German for the hearing impaired, English

Graz 1963: The former SS leader Franz Murer, head of the Vilnius ghetto from 1941 to 1943, is on trial. Holocaust survivors travel to testify against Murer. The evidence is overwhelming. Nevertheless, Franz Murer is released to the applause of the population. One of the biggest judicial scandals in Austria. MURER-ANATOMY OF A TRIAL tells of the powerlessness of truth - and how easily politics can act beyond moral values when everyone plays along.

"The film touched me like few others in recent years. It is literally breathtaking: a thriller that derives its oppressive effect from being a homefilm ..." ROBERT MENASSE


Karl Fischer, Alexander E. Fennon, Melita Jurisic, Ursula Ofner-Scribano, Karl Markovics, Gerhard Liebmann, Roland Jaeger, Dov Glickman, Rainer Wöss, Robert Reinagl, Harvey Friedman, Erni Mangold and more

Christian Frosch

Christian Frosch

Frank Amann

Viktoria Salcher, Mathias Forberg

Karin Hammer

CO-PRODUCERS: Paul Thiltges, Adrien Chef MUSIC: Anselme Pau SOUND: Gregor Kienel PRODUCTION DESIGN: Katharina Wöppermann COSTUME DESIGN: Alfred Mayerhofer

Prisma Film, Paul Thiltges Distributions
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DVD Edition # 339