1918 - Moments of History

1918 - Moments of History

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1918 70 min Documenary Age rating: 0

1918 - a historic year in every aspect. The First World War came to an end, as did the more than 600 years ongoing Habsburg rule. The monarchy becomes a republic and the multi-ethnic state becomes Austria: the birth hour of the First Republic. This DVD brings together a wide range of documents from this eventful period. In this footage, you will meet the imperial family on both official and private occasions, as well as soldiers fighting to preserve the old order and people suffering from hardship and hunger and longing for a new era. The selection of short films presented here provides rare insights into daily life in Vienna and the crown lands during an era of upheaval. The k.u.k. Collection of the Filmarchive Austria represents the world's most important film collection on the era of the Danube Monarchy, this DVD contains unique documents on the early history of film in Austria.



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