If you have any questions, requests or suggestions, you can send us an email at office@watchaut.film. For the most frequently asked questions, we put together the most important information for you here!

We are a video-on-demand (VOD) platform based in Vienna that offers Austrian films. Details can be found im our imprint. You pay a rental fee per film & per view - without subscription or other obligations. Each film is available for a total of 48 hours after payment and the start of the stream. 

In order to be able to buy and stream films on WatchAUT, you must register with your name, email address and country of origin. To do this, assign your password, which you can use to log in to WatchAUT in the future. At the start of WatchAUT we will give you a film free of charge until February 2022 when you first register or log in - we will automatically credit you with the credit for it.

Inhalte können bei WatchAUT gemietet oder gekauft werden. Bei der Miete wird eine zeitlich befristete Nutzung ermöglicht, die beim jeweiligen Film/Inhalt jeweils ausgewiesen wird. Beim Kauf ist die Nutzung des Inhalts nicht befristet. Beim Kauf von Filmen ist ein von Ihnen erworbenes Guthaben nicht einlösbar.

We currently accept direct bank transfers (eps), PayPal or credit cards as payment methods.

If you have purchased WatchAUT credit, the corresponding number of movies booked will be automatically credited to your WatchAUT account. You can then make your selection without entering a code, get started immediately and stream the corresponding number of movies. You can see your current credit in the top right navigation bar.

If you have received a WatchAUT voucher, you can redeem it by entering the voucher code once on the WatchAUTplus page (see navigation bar). Log in to WatchAUT, enter the code and the corresponding number of movies will be credited to your account.

Our WatchAUT TV app is currently available on the following platforms: Samsung Smart TV (as of 2018), Amazon Fire TV or Android TV ( Philips, Sony, Panasonic, TCL , Medion ...) Depending on the platform, the location where apps are located differs. First, look for the area where other apps are also installed and then use the search function. As a search term, please enter "watchaut". On most platforms, our app will already appear after entering the first few letters. Then install the app and start WatchAUT. After installing the app, you can easily play movies from WatchAUT directly on your smart TV. Paying for the movie is easy via your computer, tablet or smartphone. After payment, the movie can be played on your smart TV. This means you don't have to go through the hassle of entering credit card or personal information on your smart TV. Alternatively, you can also redeem your WatchAUTplus credit directly on the TV, once you have also logged in with your account on the smart TV. Via Chromecast or Apple Airplay, our movies can also be played directly on the smart TV from your computer, smart phone or tablet.

As a browser for streaming our movies on PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone we recommend Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera. We recommend Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera as browsers for streaming our films on PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

We make all films available in the best resolution available to us. If HD resolution is not available for older films, this is due to the quality of the source material.

Yes, we use adaptive bitrate technology. We do everything we can to make your streaming as smooth as possible. Depending on what kind of end device you are looking at, we use different versions of this technology.

Wherever possible, we have added subtitles for the hard of hearing (UTfHG) to our films and audio descriptions for the visually impaired (AD) as an additional sound track. You can switch on these services in the player below on the right.

All films are subtitled where available. These can be switched on or off in the player window at the bottom right.

All our films are in German, as we only offer Austrian films. Additional languages can - if available - be switched on in the video player.

All our films are available in Austria. By 2026, we also want to make 1,500 Austrian films available in the entire German-speaking area, at least 1,000 of them worldwide, including subtitles in English. Almost half of the films are currently also available in Germany and Switzerland - you can find them in the "Search" under a button displayed there. You can already find films that are available worldwide in the "Search" under "Stream all over the world".

If you rent a complete issue from WatchAUT (at a reduced price), then we extend the period of use as a service. This means that you can use a complete issue for longer than the usual 48 hours from the start of the stream for individual downloads. The respective duration of use is always shown separately for the complete editions.

Leider nicht. WatchAUT ist nur für den Heimgebrauch bzw. Eigengebrauch ausgelegt. Darüber hinaus gehende Nutzung verbietet das Urheberrecht.