Johanna Dohnal - Visionary of Feminism

Johanna Dohnal - Visionary of Feminism

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2019 108 min Documentary Age rating: 6
Language: German / Audio description
STL: German for the hearing impaired, English

The history and the stories of women have been suppressed, not told, forgotten for centuries ... Johanna Dohnal was the first feminist in a European government: she was appointed minister in a conservative country like Austria, of all places, in the 1970s. JOHANNA DOHNAL - VISIONARY OF FEMINISM sets up a monument to this icon of Austrian politics, creating a figure of identification for present and future generations. We find ourselves in her, in her struggles, her victories, her failures. A film against forgetting and for an equal future.

"Treading softly for tactical reasons has still proven to be a mistake." JOHANNA DOHNAL

Grand Diagonale Award 2020


Johanna Dohnal, Annemarie Aufreiter, Johanna-Helen Dohnal, Ingrid Dohnal, Alice Schwarzer, Elfie Semotan, Ferdinand Lacina, Brigitte Ederer

Sabine Derflinger

Christine A. Maier, Eva Testor

Claudia Wohlgenannt, Sabine Derflinger

Niki Mossböck

SOUND: Andreas Hamza, Georg Misch, Axel Traun Hjalti Bager-Jonathansson ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Ulrike Bruckner PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR: Hanne Lassl

Plan C Filmproduktion OG, Derflinger Film
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DVD Edition # 326