The Inheritors

The Inheritors

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1998 90 min Drama Age rating: 6
Language: German
STL: English

"Stefan Ruzowitzky's saga: A farmer in the Mühlviertel region passes on his mockery to his neighbors and his scorn to the priest. The farmhands get the farm. Ruzowitzky portrays the socialization of agriculture as great revolutionary theater, the exaggeration of the Heimatfilm owes its means to advertising as well as surrealism, but almost all effects are set with great certainty. A precise story of emancipation." BERT REBHANDL

"I don't want to break with the whole Heimatfilm tradition, but make a modern drama in this ambience." STEFAN RUZOWITZKY


Sophie Rois, Simon Schwarz, Lars Rudolph, Ulrich Wildgruber, Tilo Prückner, Elisabeth Orth, Julia Gschnitzer, Susanne Silverio, Kirstin Schwab, Dietmar Nigsch, Werner Prinz, Gertrud Maiböck and more

Stefan Ruzowitzky

Stefan Ruzowitzky

Peter von Haller

PRODUCTION: Danny Krausz & Kurt Stocker MUSIC: Erik Satie

Dor Film
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Austria, Germany

DVD Edition # 18