Hinterholz 8

Hinterholz 8

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1998 105 min Comedy Age rating: 6
Language: German
STL: German for the hearing impaired, English

Herbert Krcal (Roland Düringer) and his wife Margit (Nina Proll) dream of owning their own home. They prefer to do this in the "Blue Lagoon", a prefabricated house park in the south of Vienna, where they regularly make a pilgrimage with their son Philipp. Just as regularly, they have to realize the bitter truth that they can't actually afford the dream house they visit. But this is only the prelude to Harald Sicheritz's completely normal disaster film (not only for house builders), which, with over 600,000 moviegoers, became one of the biggest Austrian film successes of the post-war period. 

"A guest at a test screening said this film would be something like 'Die Hard' for home builders. I think it will be quite successful ..." ROLAND DÜRINGER


Roland Düringer, Nina Proll, Wolfgang Böck, Eva Billisich, Reinhard Nowak, Alfred Dorfer, Lukas Resetarits, Herwig Seeböck, Karl Ferdinand Kratzl and more

Harald Sicheritz

Roland Düringer & Harald Sicheritz

Walter Kindler (aac BVK)

Danny Krausz & Kurt Stocker

Ingrid Koller

MUSIC: Lothar Scherpe & Peter Herrmann

Dor Film
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DVD Edition # 3