With body and soul

With body and soul

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1978 90 min Drama
Language: German

As a taxi driver, Elfi (Brigitte Swoboda) has to make her way in a male dominated world. That she is not a woman to be reckoned with is especially apparent to the unpleasant, stingy passengers, whose suitcases she sometimes throws out onto the street. But Elfi faces another challenge: she is expecting a child from the waiter Poidl (Lukas Resetarits), who, after initial shock, already sees himself as the proud "head of the family." At first she considers an abortion, but finally she decides to have the child - and that's where the problems begin ... MIT LEIB UND SEELE is a reaction to the enactment of the legalization of abortion in the mid-1970s and focuses on the self-determination of women in the form of an extremely sympathetic protagonist - in all areas of life. (FILMARCHIV AUSTRIA)

"As an authoritative pioneer, Käthe Kratz laid a significant foundation for contemporary female film making in Austria." FLORIAN WIDEGGER


Brigitte Swoboda, Lukas Resetarits, Johanna Thomek, Hannes Cekits, Patrizia Hirschbichler, Stefanie Kopal and many more


Kätze Kratz

Liesl Haberkorn, Käthe Kratz

Gerhard Hierzer

Käthe Kratz

SOUND: Ekkehard Baumung, Heinz Reifenauer

MUSIC: Cilli & Josef Miculik

EQUIPMENT: Michael Plappert

COSTUME DESIGN: Heidi Melinc, Gerhard Stecharnig

EDITORIAL OFFICE: Wolfgang Ainberger


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DVD Edition # 335