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2004 86 min Comedy Age rating: 16
Language: German
STL: German for the hearing impaired, English

The lives of three ex-students from Graz away from university life. Johann (Raimund Wallisch) works at the post office and sometimes sends anonymous love letters to married women. Max (Michael Ostrowski) dreams of revolutionary advertising ideas that never come to fruition. Like Johann, Max is also sexually starved. He is also secretly in love with Mao. Mao (Pia Hierzegger) is a born checker. Actually, she wants to make movies, but at the moment she keeps her head above water with small drug deals. Schorsch (Georg Friedrich) is one of Mao's regular customers. He's a small-time pimp who thinks he's something bigger. He gives Mao an idea: "A video, you see. Students. Sex and stuff like that. Technically not very elaborate. Just like everyone films on vacation. But the right way."

"Originally I even wanted to dedicate this film to Gunther Philipp: A sex slick. Or even better: a post-hippie sex slick." MICHAEL GLAWOGGER


Michael Ostrowski, Raimund Wallisch, Pia Hierzegger, Iva Lukic, Sophia Laggner, Georg Friedrich, Detlev Buck, Brigitte Kren, Mike Supancic and more

Michael Glawogger

Michael Ostrowski und Michael Glawogger

Wolfgang Thaler

Danny Krausz & Kurt Stocker

Andrea Wagner

ORIGINAL SOUND: Ekkehart Baumung COSTUME DESIGN: Martina List PRODUCTION DESIGN: Maria Gruber MUSIC: Patrick Pulsinger

Dor Film
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DVD Edition # 19