Alpine Saga 3

Alpine Saga 3

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1977 90 min Drama Age rating: 6
Language: German

The Alpine saga, set as a six-part television drama, deals with the problems of the rural population up to 1945. The third part shows the village during the First World War. Most of the men have been drafted into the army, and all the work is done by the women and children. The situation worsens when the population is repeatedly called upon to give livestock and supplies to the army.

"It's not the art that's important, but the form which enables you to reach as many people as possible. 'The Alpine Saga' is an attempt in that direction." PETER TURRINI

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Josef und Karl Kröpfl, Burgi Mattuschka, Linde Prelog, Hans Brenner, Wolfram Berger, Karl Paryla, Barbara Prowaznik, Toni Böhm, Lukas Resetarits, Franz Suhrada, Jutta Schwarz, Helmut Qualtinger and many more


Dieter Berner

Wilhelm Pevny, Peter Turrini

Xaver Schwarzenberger

Neue Studio Film, Wien, für den ORF

Erika Geiger

SOUND: Rolf Schmidt-Gentner

MUSIC: Peer Raben

PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Wolf Witzemann, Fritz Hollergschwandtner, Herta Hareiter-Pischinger


Neue Studio Film Wien für den ORF
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DVD Edition # 77