Alpine Saga 6

Alpine Saga 6

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1980 90 min Drama Age rating: 6
Language: German

The Alpine saga, set up as a six-part television drama, deals with the problems of the rural population up to 1945. In the last part of the saga, young Hans Huber comes home from captivity in the war, just a few hours after his mother's funeral. He finds the farm intact, the women living there together with billeted men.

"If you ask me what the Alpine saga is about, I would answer that it is the question that has moved people throughout the ages: can we better cope with the events of the world collectively or on our own?" WILHELM PEVNY

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Helmut Qualtinger, Hans Brenner, Burgi Mattuschka, Linde Prelog, Bernd Spitzer, Elisabeth Stepanek, Josef Kröpfl, Karl Kröpfl, Andrea Altmann, Therese Affolter, Franz Buchrieser, Bozidarka Frait and many more


Dieter Berner

Wilhelm Pevny, Peter Turrini

Horst Knechtel

Neue Studio Film, Wien, für den ORF

Erika Geiger

SOUND: Rolf Schmidt-Gentner

MUSIC: Peer Raben

PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Wolf Witzemann, Fritz Hollergschwandtner, Herta Hareiter-Pischinger


Neue Studio Film Wien für den ORF
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DVD Edition # 78