Eating Differently - The Experiment

Eating Differently - The Experiment

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2020 85 min Documentary Age rating: 0
Language: German

For the film "Eating differently - The experiment", a field is planted for the first time with exactly those grains, vegetables, fruits, oilseeds and grasses that end up on our plates per person - and which the industry processes into feed for animals, among other things. The result is a field 4,400 m2 in size, the area of a small soccer field needed by the "average" citizen. Two thirds of it is abroad. In total, we consume twice as much as we are entitled to: If all people were to feed themselves in this way, we would need a second earth. Can anything be done about it? Three families dare to try it out for themselves. They start shopping locally and rediscover cooking. The results are surprising. Eating differently really does change our land consumption and CO2 emissions. An experiment that gives courage. A film that shows how it could work.


Daniel Langbein (Sprecher), Gabor Vajda, Nikolette Kovacs, Martin Richter, Claudia Richter and more


Kurt Langbein & Andrea Ernst

Kurt Langbein & Andrea Ernst

Christian Roth, Michael Rottmann, Valentin Platzgummer

Kurt Langbein

Alexandra Wedenig

Langbein & Partner, ARTE G.E.I.E. und ORF III
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