Another Coin for the Merry-Go-Round

Another Coin for the Merry-Go-Round

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2021 92 min Drama Age rating: 0
Language: German

Anna, Niko, Ilias and Jools are flirting with the Viennese underground music scene. They like the do-it-yourself style and try to create something with the band "Black Candy", although they can't even play their instruments properly. They know how it feels to still buy a skateboard when you're almost thirty and to go through the nights in the pubs on Vienna's Gürtel. But ever since a wheelchair entered their lives like a foreign body, something has changed. Actually, it changed much earlier. Anna in particular finds it difficult to live with the certainty that even a Fugazi record no longer has the same power after repeated run-through as it did the first time she heard it. That the needle of the record player has jumped into an endless groove in which she as a person is stuck. "If that's the reality, then I don't want it." The four friends try to ignore the change, playing to themselves and refusing to believe that their parents no longer have change for the carousel, and that it's time to pull a coin out of their own pockets. The story of a harsh coming-of-age with Voodoo Jürgens as well as performances by Alicia Edelweiss, Bulbul and others.


Valerie Pachner, Voodoo Jürgens, Tinka Fürst, Max Bogner, Alicia Edelweiss and more


Hannes Starz

Hannes Starz, künstlerische Mitarbeit: Gabriele Kranzelbinder

Marianne Andrea Borowiec

Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Barbara Pichler, Hannes Starz

Hannes Starz

SCREENPLAY: Hannes Starz, artistic collaboration: Gabriele Kranzelbinder

CAMERA: Marianne Andrea Borowiec

EDITING: Hannes Starz

PRODUCERS: Gabriele Kranzelbinder, Barbara Pichler, Hannes Starz


KGP Filmproduktion
Country of Production