Are You Sleeping, Brother Jakob?

Are You Sleeping, Brother Jakob?

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2018 80 min Documentary Age rating: 0
Language: German
STL: English, French

Jacob took his own life. He had emigrated to Portugal, but was filled with homesickness and longing. In "Are You Sleeping, Brother Jakob?" his four brothers, including director Stefan Bohun, set out two years later on a search for traces of the past: slowly, their different memories of the deceased form a family picture in which each - even as an adult - had to find his place first. "Are You Sleeping, Brother Jakob?" is a gentle, very personal film about a slow farewell, but at the same time also one about reunion. The archival footage scattered throughout the film, in which the brothers are seen as children and teenagers - a summit climb in the summer, bathing together and frolicsomely romping and dancing - lend this film an unexpected and remarkable lightness. The search, which begins in the Larein Valley in Tyrol, finally ends in a hotel room in Porto. And with the realization that this is not a film of sadness, but one about the necessity of mourning. And about finding again those who accompany you through life as a family.


Lilia Mafalda Lopes da Silva Ribeiro, Matthias Bohun, Jakob Bohun, Johannes Bohun, Stefan Bohun, David Bohun


Stefan Bohun

Stefan, Johannes, David Bohun

Klemens Hufnagl

Ralph Wieser, David Bohun

Marek Kralovsky

Mischief Films
Country of Production