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The village of Braunschlag on the Czech border is bankrupt. Between Russian creditors and pressure from St. Pölten, only a miracle seems to help. And that is exactly Mayor Tschach's plan. Together with his friend, the unsuccessful disco owner Pfeisinger, he fakes an apparition of the Virgin Mary in order to attract masses of pilgrims to Braunschlag. At first, everything seems to indicate that the plan will work. But visibly, the headstrong villagers begin to stand in each other's way. Braunschlag is about greed, corruption, hatred, Catholicism and alcohol - in other words, Austria in the broadest sense. A black-humored TV series that hits the Austrian heart in its darkest corners.

You can play the episodes as many times as you want for 14 days from the first stream. For the entire series, "WatchAUT plus" credits cannot be redeemed.

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