Caché (Hidden)

Caché (Hidden)

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2005 114 min Drama Age rating: 12
Language: German
STL: German for the hearing impaired

This is a thriller that takes the liberty of keeping an eye not only on the clockwork of suspense, but also on politics, the social, and the abrupt shifts in power between people. As suspenseful as it is, this film could just as easily be called a melodrama or a political allegory.

Michael Haneke is too strong and too precise an auteur to merely serve a genre. Haneke's work, which has always been committed to the greatest possible simplicity - certainly in the sense of Robert Bresson - but also to potential changeability, has changed further with CACHÉ: Outwardly it appears even clearer, even more undisguised, but inwardly, at its core, this film seems even more complex than any of Haneke's earlier films: it is a film about the shock of the loss of privacy, a film about image-making and about France's historical traumas. STEFAN GRISSEMANN

"Juliette Binoche and Daniel Auteuil deliver breath-taking acting duels." KURIER

European Film Award 2005 - Winner Best Film

Festival de Cannes 2005 - Winner Best Director


Juliette Binoche, Daniel Auteuil, Annie Girardot, Maurice Bénichou, Lester Makedonsky and more


Michael Haneke

Michael Haneke

Christian Berger

Margaret Ménégoz, Veit Heiduschka

Nadine Muse, Michael Hudecek

Les Films Du Losange, Wega Film, Arte France Cinema, France 3 Cinema
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France, Austria, Germany, Italy

DVD Edition # 152