Das Dorf an der Grenze - Part 2

Das Dorf an der Grenze - Part 2

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1982 89 min Drama Age rating: 6
Language: German

Carinthia 1948 - 1960. Horst Schellander has been living in the spirit of a victor since the end of the war (and of the Greater German Reich). As a Tito partisan he risked his neck and now waits for his efforts to be rewarded. In the ranks of the KPÖ he fights for the cause of the Slovenes and counts on a "unification" with the Slovenian brothers in Yugoslavia. His hopes were finally dashed by Tito's break with Moscow. While Schellander gets into material difficulties and has to hire himself out as a road worker, he sees how his neighbors, Austrians and Slovenes, concentrate on muddling along in their narrow everyday lives. The tentative onset of tourism, which promises the village some prosperity, "corrupts" the ideals in which Schellander believed. Ideological convictions have long since become mixed up with tangible economic interests. Schellander cannot stand reality ...

"There must be a time when it is enough with the killing. Always one against the other, and vice versa, and always onward."

Here you can get all three episodes for the package price (Hier gibt es alle drei Folgen zum Paketpreis)


Manfred Lukas-Luderer, Bert Sotlar, Wolfgang Gasser, Monica Bleibtreu, Helmut Berger, Milena Zupancic, Stefanija Drol and many more


Fritz Lehner

Thomas Pluch

Juno Sylva Englander, Claudia Fischer

ORF, ZDF, NDR, Heinz Scheiderbauer Filmproduktion
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DVD Edition # 179