The Manifest

The Manifest

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1974 75 min Drama Age rating: 0
Language: German

Towards the end of the regime of the brigands, Antonis Lepeniotis realized that there is a parable about a southern country that is couped by the army, in Austria, his country of choice, and in Trieste. A man sentenced to death escapes from a military prison and finds shelter with a resistance group that will prove to be the cell of the country's liberation. The oppression does not sleep. Nor is the fleeing convict the fighter of old: he is broken - wondering if the resistance can put him back together. Lepeniotis' masterpiece is a brittle allegory, so reduced to the essentials, stripped of all excess in image and sound, sparse, almost emaciated, poor - with sprinklings of fashionable frills - that every frame, every line, every word counts. Paranoia reigns.

"A political drama about the meaning of resistance to violence and despotism." Press Note, Cannes 1974 "Quinzaine des réaliteurs"


Gerald Florian, Günther Hauser, Peter Garell, Dieter Schrage, Curth Tichy, Ulli Schulenburg and many more


Antonis Lepeniotis

Gotthard Böhm, Wilhelm Diem, Antonis Lepeniotis, Dieter Schrage

Mansour Mahdavi

Gertraud Luschützky

PRODUCTION: Cinecoop Film Wien

DIALOGUES: Gotthard Böhm, Wilhelm Diem, Antonis Lepeniotis, Dieter Schrage

SOUND: Willi Buchmüller, Manfred Thalinger

MUSIC: Giselher Smekal


Cinecoop Film Wien
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DVD Edition # 208