Radical Evil

Radical Evil

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2013 92 min Documentary Age rating: 12
Language: German

In 1945, psychological tests were conducted on the defendants at the Nuremberg trials. The results were found to be too disturbing to be published. The film project "Radical Evil" searches for the disturbing evil in us. How do ordinary young men become mass murderers? Why do respectable family men kill women, children and babies day after day, for years? Why did so few refuse the order, even though they were free to do so? "Radical Evil" takes a stylistically innovative approach to the systematic shootings of Jewish civilians by German mission groups in Eastern Europe and the search for the causes of evil. We hear the thoughts of the perpetrators from letters, diary entries and court transcripts, look into young faces, projection surfaces for associations and insights. Supplemented with historical footage, the testimonies of renowned researchers, such as Père Desbois, Christopher Browning or Robert Jay Lifton, and the surprising results of psychological experiments, the film leads us to "Radical Evil", a blueprint of genocide.


With the voices of Devid Striesow, Benno Führmann, Alexander Fehling and more

Stefan Ruzowitzky

Stefan Ruzowitzky

Benedict Neuenfels

Josef Aichholzer

Barbara Gies

MUSIC: Patrick Pulsinger

Aicholzer Film
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