The Refusal

The Refusal

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1971 90 min Drama Age rating: 12
Language: German

DER FALL JÄGERSTÄTTER (The case of Jägerstätter) is the authentic story of a simple man who, for reasons of conscience, refused to serve in the Wehrmacht that was waging a despicable war. Franz Jägerstätter, a farmer from Upper Austria and father of three, was sentenced to death and beheaded by the Supreme Court of the Reich in 1943. He had refused military service on the grounds that as a Christian he should not serve an unjust regime and should not participate in a criminal war. Axel Corti repeatedly interrupts the game scenes of this documentary feature film with interviews of people who knew Jägerstätter.

"DER FALL JÄGERSTÄTTER" is conceived both as a homage and as an appeal to walk upright: The integrity of the individual is possible." ELISABETH BÜTTNER/CHRISTIAN DEWALD


Kurt Weinzierl, Julia Gschnitzer, Helmut Wlasak, Hugo Gottschlich, Michael Toost, Fritz Schmiedel, Hermann Kutscher, Guido Wieland, Bruno Dallansky, Wolfgang Kieling, Walter Jokisch, Hanns Krassnitzer, Walter Starz and more


Axel Corti

Helmut Andics

Walter Kindler

Neue Thalia Film Wien, Ges.m.b.H für ORF und ZDF

Erika Geiger

SOUND: Franz Speckmayer, Kurt Schwarz


Neue Thalia Film Wien
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DVD Edition # 84