The Seventh Continent

The Seventh Continent

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1989 104 min Drama Age rating: 16
Language: German

THE SEVENTH CONTINENT was Haneke's first feature film, which immediately earned him the Bronze Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival, among other awards. This is the first part of the trilogy about the "emotional glaciation" of the post-industrial consumer society. The film records the constant, monotonous repetitions in the life of a small family, with a ten-year-old daughter, from the affluent society, which is built on interchangeable parameters. The couple decides to commit joint suicide, which they put into practice radically and relentlessly.

"In every film I try to stir up distrust in our belief in reality. My main concern is to point out to the viewer that he is only confronted with an artifact." MICHAEL HANEKE


Birgit Doll, Dieter Berner, Leni Tanzer, Udo Samel, Georg Friedrich, Silvia Fenz, Robert Dietl and many more


Michael Haneke

Michael Haneke

Toni Peschke

Veit Heiduschka

SOUND: Karl Schlifelner


Wega Film
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