The Age of Aluminium

The Age of Aluminium

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2012 89 min Documentary Age rating: 0
Language: German

Aluminum is a fascinating metal: light, rustproof and easy to work with. Just 100 years ago, it was so exotic that aluminum was presented at world exhibitions. Now it is impossible to imagine our daily lives without the metal. We drink from aluminum cans, use deodorants and sunscreens containing aluminum, and it increases the effectiveness of vaccines. However, aluminum is not as harmless as manufacturers have now been emphasizing for decades. Oncology studies in England have found that aluminum chloride from deodorants could be absorbed through the skin and cause cancer. Other researchers suspect that aluminum from medications could accumulate in the brain and promote the development of Alzheimer's disease. Large quantities of raw materials and energy are needed for production, and production can lead to environmental disasters of considerable proportions. Bert Ehgartner takes a critical look at a metal that no longer seems to be dispensable in our everyday lives.


Bert Ehgartner

Christian Roth

Kurt Langbein

Angela Freingruber

Eva Glave, Christopher Exley, Nicholas Priest and more


Langbein & Partner mit ZDF/ARTE, ORF und SRF
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Austria, Germany