A Decent Woman

A Decent Woman

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2016 96 min Drama Age rating: 16
Language: German
STL: German, English

Belén, a young woman from a humble background, takes a job as a housekeeper for a wealthy family living on the outskirts of Buenos Aires in a so-called gated community. The sterile environment of the housing complex is framed by high electric fences, which also seems to act as a dividing line between rich and poor. On one of her walks, the introverted Belén discovers a neighboring nudist camp - and with it the prospect of unprecedented freedom.

"Lukas Valenta Rinner's feature film A DECENT WOMAN impresses as a parable of today's fundamental cultural differences as much as it does as a courageous cliché differences as much as a courageous cinematic step." (EXCERPT FROM THE VIENNA FILM AWARD JURY STATEMENT)


Iride Mockert, Martín Shanly, Andrea Strenitz, Mariano Sayavedra and more

Lukas Valenta Rinner

Lukas Valenta Rinner, Ana Godoy, Martín Shanly und Ariel Gurevich

Roman Kasseroller

Ana Godoy, Lukas Valenta Rinner

Ana Godoy

MUSIC: Jimin Kim and Jongho You DESIGN: Lucia Carnicero SOUND DESIGN: Nahuel Palenque

Nabis Film Group
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Austria, South Korea, Argentina

DVD Edition # 301