The Days and the Year

The Days and the Year

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2018 86 min Documentary Age rating: 0
Language: German
STL: English

Work and everyday life on a small-scale farmstead in the Waldviertel, Lower Austria. The couple living there has consistently opted for a "small-scale" way of farming, considers their animals as living beings and the soil as its own cosmos. The possible motto of both films, read by John Berger: "A sequence of pictures offers no verbal key. That's why the visual is so amazing, why memory, based on the visual, is freer than the mind."

"How can I match the consistency of my protagonists' actions with my actions as a filmmaker?" OTHMAR SCHMIDERER


Othmar Schmiderer

Othmar Schmiderer

Othmar Schmiderer

SOUND: Othmar Schmiderer CONCEPT: Angela Summereder, Othmar Schmiderer SET DESIGN: Arthur Summereder PRODUCTION DESIGN: Ulrich Grimm avd SOUND DESIGN, MIXING: Emanuel Friedrich avd

Othmar Schmiderer Filmproduktion
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