D.U.D.A! Werner Pirchner

D.U.D.A! Werner Pirchner

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2013 84 min Documentary Age rating: 0
Language: German

Creativity, wit, originality, perfection - in short: the uniqueness of his music and person brought Werner Pirchner into contact with illustrious heads of art and culture not only in Austria at an early stage. At the same time Pirchner has never left his home Tyrol. Jean Luc Godard used Pirchner's music in "Nouvelle Vage" and in his cinematic self-portrait. Today, 13 years after his death, Pirchner's sheet music is circulating all over the world. Berlin filmmaker Malte Ludin had already discovered him for himself when Pirchner's early stroke of genius "ein halbes doppelalbum" was published in Germany in the 1970s. 40 years later, Ludin sets out on a search. With an unbiased view from the outside, Ludin follows in Werner Pichner's footsteps. A classic "Bio Pic" was not to be expected. The musical journey goes criss-cross through Pirchner's work and his homeland, which oscillates between tradition and modernity, natural beauty and commercial deformity. Friends, fans, patrons such as André Heller, Josef Hader, Tobias Moretti or Felix Mitterer talk about their encounters with the master who inspired and inspired them like no other. For Erwin Steinhauer, he was the "most important Tyrolean for his coming of age.


Christian Berger, Erwin Steinhauer, Angela Berann, Elfriede Pirchner, Tobias Moretti, Julia Moretti, Christian Altenburger, André Heller, Georg Breinschmid, Felix Mitterer, Josef Hader, Christian Muthspiel and many more

Malte Ludin

Malte Ludin, Markus Heltschl

Victor Kössl

Lucas Riccabona, Victor Kössl, Bernd Holzhammer

Julia Drack

MUSIC: Werner Pirchner

Wildruf Film
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