A Woman's Pale Blue Handwriting - Part 1

A Woman's Pale Blue Handwriting - Part 1

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1984 119 min Drama Age rating: 6
Language: German

Axel Corti's multi-award-winning adaptation of Franz Werfel's novella of the same name, a stellar moment for domestic television: In 1936 Austria, 48-year-old Leonidas Tachezy looks back proudly on his life to date. The son of a poor high school teacher has risen to the highest circles of society by marrying the beautiful millionaire heiress Amélie Paradini. As section head in the Ministry of Education, he belongs to the country's political elite. On his birthday, he receives a letter written in a pale blue woman's handwriting. It is a letter from the Jewish woman Vera Wormser, the love of his life. A brief but intense love affair 11 years ago in Perugia, Italy, tied the two together. Now he is confronted with this past.

"Everything that happens in this life happens out of fear of pain."

Here you can get all two episodes for the package price (Hier gibt es alle zwei Folgen zum Paketpreis)


Axel Corti, Friedrich von Thun, Gabriel Barylli, Friederike Kammer, Krystyna Janda, Rudolf Melichar, Thomas Kamper, Sebastian Baur and many more


Axel Corti

Axel Corti, Kurt Rittig. Nach der gleichnamigen Novelle von Franz Werfl

Edward Klosinski


MUSIC: Hans Georg Koch

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DVD Edition # 135