Einstweilen wird es Mittag

Einstweilen wird es Mittag

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1985 95 min Drama Age rating: 0
Language: German
STL: German for hearing impaired

Karin Brandauer's film is based on the famous sociological study "Die Arbeitslosen von Marienthal" (The Unemployed of Marienthal). In 1932, the young scientists feel like "participants in an expedition into the unknown" when they leave the Psychological Institute of the University of Vienna for Weissenberg, an industrial village. They are full of enthusiasm for science. They have confidence in its objectivity. They believe in its function in improving the world. In Weissenberg, the textile factory has gone bankrupt. It was the most important employer. The life situation of those who became unemployed changed. The social researchers diligently note the behavior of the people. But on site, they are confronted less with epistemological deductions than with social problems. Solidarity among the unemployed breaks down when workers are needed to demolish the factory. It is an attempt to observe and help at the same time, but the result is questionable. More and more, nationalist spirit spreads to the small village.

"Accuracy is truth." KURIER


Franziska Walser, Stefan Suske, Johann Nikolussi, Nicolas Brieger, Maria Urban, Hermann Schmid, Kristina Walter and many more


Karin Brandauer

Heide Kouba, Karin Brandauer

Helmut Pirnat, Heinz Mensik

Maria Homolka, Monica Parisini

SOUND: Walter Amann, Peter Paschinger

LIGHTING: Helmut Ehringer, Paul Hörmann, Wolfgang Vince, Gerhard Schindler

PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Klaus Jüptner-Jonstorff


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DVD Edition # 154