Elvis and the girl from Vienna

Elvis and the girl from Vienna

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2017 60 min Documentary Age rating: 0
Language: German

In August 1956, Elvis Presley started shooting his first feature film, "Love Me Tender." At his side manager Colonel Tom Parker and the just hired Trude Forsher. "It was just like in the movies. There was the little woman who wanted to be a writer and there was the biggest PR man in Hollywood and then there was Elvis, the King. And I had the privilege of being there," Trude Forsher recounts during her last interview shortly before her death in 2000. The documentary features music and images rarely - if ever - seen. It is the story of Elvis' rise to fame and that of his most personal confidante, who escaped the ravages of Nazism and got a job that millions of girls dreamed of: Elvis' private secretary. For five years, Trude worked with Elvis and the Colonel and experienced firsthand the legendary moments in Elvis' life. Years later, her son goes in search of clues in the USA and in Vienna to tell the story of Elvis and the girl from Vienna.


James Forsher, Trude Forsher u.v.m.

Kurt Langbein

Christian Roth

Kurt Langbein

Angela Freingruber

Langbein & Partner mit ORF
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Austria, USA