Erinnerungen an ein verlorenes Land

Erinnerungen an ein verlorenes Land

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1988 70 min Documentary Age rating: 0
Language: German

The Lower Austrian restricted area of the Allensteig military training area covers almost 15,000 hectares. In 1938, this landscape was designated as a military training area in the course of Austria's annexation to Hitler's Germany. By 1942, 40 villages had been evacuated and over 7000 people had lost their homes. After ten years of Soviet administration after the end of the war and hopes of repopulating the destroyed area, it was used as a training area by the Austrian army from 1957. ERINNERUNGEN AN EIN VERLORENES LAND shows the history of the region around the military training area, historical images of the villages and their inhabitants, and present-day impressions of the ruined landscape.

"It is the pleasure of memory that is palpable; it is the numerous, colorful depictions of the past that drive the film." CONSTANTIN WULFF


Ferdinand Frank, Margarete Frank, Alois Gruber, Elisabeth König u.v.m.


Manfred Neuwirth

Manfred Neuwirth

Manfred Neuwirth

Manfred Neuwirth

Manfred Neuwirth

INTERVIEWS/ ADVISING: Friedrich Polleroß

INTERVIEWS: János Karasz Wolfgang Müller-Funk

SOUND/ TEXTS: Gerda Lampalzer

MUSIC: Curd Duca, Musikkapelle Scheideldorf


Loop TV-Video Film Produktion Ges.m.b.H.
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DVD Edition # 64