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7 Minutes

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1989 93 min Drama Age rating: 12
Language: German

GEORG ELSER, a simple woodworker, plans to assassinate Hitler in the Bürgerbräukeller on November 8, 1939, by building a time bomb in the column in front of the podium at the celebration of the Nazi coup attempt. The assassination attempt fails because Hitler leaves the event 10 minutes earlier than Elser had planned. Georg Elser is arrested at the Swiss border and is placed in custody... - "Brandauer's feature directorial debut - if nothing else, an unpretentious, highly efficient study in suspense." CLAUS PHILIPP

"Stories interest me. I'm curious about texts that I bring to life in one way or another. Whether as a director or a performer, it doesn't matter." KLAUS MARIA BRANDAUER


Klaus Maria Brandauer, Brian Dennehy, Rebecca Miller, Elisabeth Orth, Nigel le Vaillant and many more


Klaus Maria Brandauer

Stephen Sheppard nach seinem Roman „The Artisan“

Lajos Koltai

Rainer Soehnlein, Moritz Bormann

MUSIC: Georges Delerue


Soehnlein, Borman Prod., Mutoskop Film, Saturn Movie, BR und ORF
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Germany, USA

DVD Edition # 38