Guardians of the Earth

Guardians of the Earth

2017 85 min Documentary Age rating: 0
Language: English
STL: German

The Paris Agreement is a milestone in human history and will determine life on our planet for decades to come. For the first time ever, 195 countries have committed to halting the already ubiquitous climate change. The film gives insight behind the closed doors of the negotiations and reveals the conflicts that will decide our future: Rich versus poor, victims versus profiteers - national self-interest versus the destruction of entire countries. "Guardians of the Earth" becomes a reflection of the global community - told through five high-level figures and insiders of the negotiations. Is the agreement really enough to save the earth?


Saleemul Huq, Christiana Figueres, Helmut Hojesky, Laurent Fabius and many more


Filip Antoni Malinowski

Jakob Fuhr, Emmanuel Cappelin, , Börres Weiffenbach, Attila Boa

Jürgen Karasek, Filip Antoni Malinowski, Michael Bogar, Inka Dewitz

Frank Brummundt

Soleil Film
Country of Production  

Austria, Germany