All The Invisible Things

All The Invisible Things

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2007 90 min Drama Age rating: 16
Language: German
STL: English

"Their names are Jolly, Ellie and Bolz. They wear skater clothes and inverted baseball caps. They steal vodka bottles in the supermarket, get drunk in the city park and play cat and mouse with the police out of boredom. Welcome to the lives of three boarding school kids from Graz: between aggression and helplessness, tests of courage and macho antics, they basically long for normality, but are denied it by the cold adult world. Look at that: A Lost Kids drama set in Graz that doesn't feel awkward or contrived! On the contrary. Young director Jakob M. Erwa delivers a more than respectable sample of talent with his semi-documentary feature debut HEILE WELT." FILMTIPPS.AT

"Everything gets better. Nothing gets good." JAKOB M. ERWA


Michael Sauseng, Simon Möstl, Angelika Schneider, Birgit Doll, Tatjana Koschutnig, Daniel Doujenis, Erni Mangold, Reinhard Nowak and many more

Jakob M. Erwa

Jakob M. Erwa

Jakob M. Erwa

Franz Novotny

SOUND: Odo Grötschnig PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT: Mirja Antelmann COMPOSER: Heli Markfelder

Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion
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DVD Edition # 109