Hubert von Goisern: Brenna tuat´s schon lang

Hubert von Goisern: Brenna tuat´s schon lang

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2015 94 min Documentary
Language: German

"Brenna tuat's schon lang" is a film about Hubert von Goisern's inner and outer journey, which he has taken in a career that has now spanned more than three decades. About an artist who - although he himself cannot be assigned to any musical genre - always understands the music from his homeland as the root of his creative work. What drives this artist to reinvent himself again and again? How can this unique artistic development be told, at least up to a preliminary point? These questions form the starting point for Marcus H. Rosenmüller's overall view of Goisern's exciting and singular artistic life. A documentary that gets unusually close to Goisern as a person, but at the same time leaves room for critical views. A music film that brings home and foreign as well as then and now to a common denominator.


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Marcus H. Rosenmüller

Marcus H. Rosenmüller

Johannes Kaltenhauser

Kurt Langbein, Hage Hein

Petra Hinterberger

Langbein & Partner mit Blanko Musik und ORF
Country of Production  

Austria, Germany