Kids movie

Kids movie

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1985 108 min Drama Age rating: 0
Language: German

Childhood - that's the overriding theme in Peter Schreiner's third feature-length film. He has just found Maria, the love of his life. For the offspring of their friends, they organize children's afternoons at their home - but actually he doubts: What and how much apart from memories actually still connects him with his schoolmates and friends, who in the meantime have become parents themselves and now look at their own childhood with completely new eyes? Once again, KINDERFILM shows Peter Schreiner as a thoughtful filmmaker who, with his careful observations, searches for his place in his own world like a stranger and revolves around the question of what dreams and utopias are even possible in a bourgeois life and at what price.

"Peter Schreiner teaches you to slow down and concentrate again." FM4


Peter Schreiner, Andi Stern, Andrea Schlechta, Anna Gasser, Annemarie Zottl, Bärbel Neubauer, Bärbel Ramharter u.v.m


Peter Schreiner

Peter Schreiner

Peter Schreiner, Susanne Schreiner, Michael Kreihsl, Christian Schmidt

Liedl-Becker-Dokumentarfilm, Erich Liedl und Peter Schreiner Echtzeitfilm
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