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1981 102 min Drama Age rating: 0
Language: German
STL: German for hearing impaired, English

A short-circuit action as a result of a stupid misunderstanding. That's all it takes. A distraught mother picks up the phone, and after a brief interlude at the police station, her son Markus is admitted to a psychiatric institution. Inside, at any rate, one is incredibly quick. Whether and when the way back to normal life can be started is left to the judgment of the "experts". "How one got away with life purely by chance" is the precise subtitle of this in many respects truly remarkable film by Ernst Josef Lauscher, which is not content to tell the medical history of innocent victim Markus Dorn (future Oscar winner Christoph Waltz) with dry objectivity. On the contrary, KOPFSTAND is an incredibly lively and multi-layered portrait of an adolescent who nevertheless does not perish. WOCHENPRESSE

"You can learn a great deal about a society by seeing how it deals with its sick, with its disturbed, with its outsiders." ERNST JOSEF LAUSCHER


Christoph Waltz, Ingrid Burkhard, Elisabeth Epp, Pavel Landovsky, Alfred Solm, Erwin Steinhauer, Krista Posch, Heinz Petters, Rosemarie Müller-Melchers and many more


Ernst Josef Lauscher

Ernst Josef Lauscher

Toni Peschke

Herbert Koller

Juno Sylva Englander

LIGHTING: Peter Hiebner, Werner Holler

EQUIPMENT: Michael Aichhorn


Herbert Koller, Ernst Josef Lauscher
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DVD Edition # 160