Crowes – Nature is watching us

Crowes – Nature is watching us

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2023 90 min Documentary Age rating: 6
Language: German, Audio description
STL: German for the hearing impaired

Ravens are the only animals that have been observing and studying us humans for thousands of years and have the ability to pass this knowledge on to their offspring. No animal knows more about us than ravens and crows. The cinema documentary "Crows - Nature is watching us" introduces the audience to crows and ravens as our chroniclers, pursuing the thesis that, thanks to their extraordinary cognitive abilities, corvids have built up a collective knowledge of the cultural history of mankind. They have seen our first steps in an upright gait and heard our first articulated sounds. They have conquered new continents with us and experienced all our wars and battles. They celebrate weddings with us, feed on the remains of romantic picnics and wild parties and pick over our garbage on the garbage dumps of the megacities or as companions of the refuse collectors. Crows and ravens follow us because we are the best hunters, the cruelest warriors, the greatest exploiters, the most wasteful consumers. Almost everywhere where people live, there are also ravens.


Martin Schilt

Martin Schilt

Attila Boa, Karen Vazquez-Guadarrama

Helmut Grasser

Marina Wernli

Allegro Film
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Austria, Switzerland