Little Girl

Little Girl

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2009 102 min Drama Age rating: 0
Language: Italian
STL: German, English, French

During the winter, Patrizia and Walter's traveling circus is at a standstill and their mobile home is fixed on a foreclosed terrain on the outskirts of Rome. On a brief walk around, Patrizia discovers a two-year-old girl, left alone at the children's playground, and takes care of her. Together with her husband and the 14-year-old neighbor boy Tairo, she creates a temporary home for little Asia, a tiny and fragile space of protection in a marginal zone of the city as well as of Italian society, which itself knows no public protection. LITTLE GIRL is a film made with amateur actors that tells of courage and turns prejudices on their head.

"To put it pathetically, our hearts went out to it." STATEMENT OF THE DIAGONALE JURY FOR THE GRAND PRIZE FOR BEST DIRECTING 2010


Patrizia Gerardi, Walter Saabel, Tairo Caroli, Asia Crippa and many more


Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel

Tizza Covi

Rainer Frimmel

Rainer Frimmel

Tizza Covi

SOUND: Tiizza Covi


Vento Film
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Austria, Italy

DVD Edition #189