Late Blossom Blues

Late Blossom Blues

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2016 90 min Documentary Age rating: 0
Language: English
STL: German

He was the blues and gospel discovery of the decade: Leo "Bud" Welch from a small town in Mississippi/USA, a retired lumberjack, released his debut album "Sabougla Voices" in 2014 at the age of 82 and became an internationally celebrated blues star overnight. The award-winning documentary LATE BLOSSOM BLUES tells Welch's incredible story - a tale of poverty and exploitation, of God, the devil and an old man seemingly out of time. LATE BLOSSOM BLUES not only follows Welch and his manager, Gulf War veteran Vencie Varnado, as they perform their daily balancing act between jet lag and sound check, between geriatrics and gospel mass. The film is also a multi-layered portrait of the U.S. South, where popularity and poverty, racism and religion are not contradictions to this day. Leo "Bud" Welch goes down in music history as one of the last "real" blues musicians - LATE BLOSSOM BLUES is therefore a film with historical significance for all music fans. A film that shows that it is never too late to live your dreams.


Leo "Bud" Welch, Vencie Varnado, Dixie Street, Bruce Watson, Roger Stolle, Mike Theodus Herrod and many more


Wolfgang Pfoser-Almer, Stefan Wolner

Viktor Schaider

Wolfgang Pfoser-Almer

Lisa Zoe Geretschläger

SOUND: Gerald Rauscher


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