Life Guidance

Life Guidance

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2017 97 min Thriller Age rating: 16
Language: German
STL: English

The film is set in the near future, in a world of perfected capitalism. Society is supported by a layer of high achievers, by cheerfully motivated people of a light, friendly, transparent, perfectly functioning middle-class world; the so-called minimum income earners are kept quiet in sleeping castles. The overwhelming majority of high achievers feel happy and self-actualized. For the rest of them, an outsourced agency has been installed: Life Guidance is supposed to turn them, too, into optimal people. Alexander, a member of the middle class, works in the financial sector; like the others, he has internalized the system. But all it takes is one wrong sentence to his child, and Life Guidance is called in. An agent of Life Guidance directs him to become optimal, intruding further and further into his life. Alexander begins to rebel, and in all brightness and friendliness the horror of the system confronts him.


Fritz Karl, Katharina Lorenz, Florian Teichtmeister, Nicolas Jarosch, Petra Morzé, Kristina Bangert and many more

Ruth Mader

Ruth Mader, Martin Leidenfrost

Christine A. Maier

Gabriele Kranzelbinder

Niki Mossböck

MUSIC: Manfred Plessl

KGP - Kranzelbinder Gabriele Production
Country of Production