My Father, The Prince

My Father, The Prince

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2022 80 min Doccumentary Age rating: 0
Language: German
STL: German for the hearing impaired, English

"You're not there to be happy," says the father to his daughter at the end of a documentary film that tells the unusual story of Lila Schwarzenberg and her father Karl. Over a period of five years, daughter and father meet again and again to talk. At the places that shaped both of them. In Prague and at Orlik Castle in southern Bohemia, but also in Vienna and in Murau in Styria. Over the years, the conversations explore all corners of their shared history. Of a father as a contemporary witness of the 20th century, whose childhood was marked by dispossession and flight, and who later became one of the most remarkable politicians in Europe after the Second World War. A statesman, aristocrat and revolutionary in equal measure.


Lila Schwarzenberg and Karl Schwarzenberg


Lukas Sturm, Lila Schwarzenberg

Lukas Sturm, Lila Schwarzenberg

Christoph Beck, Duli Diemansberger, Mike Fried and more

Gernot Schaffler, Thomas Brunner

Monika Willi, Thomas Vondrak, Michael Ingram

Sabotage Film, Neulandfilm
Country of Production