Servus Ishq

Servus Ishq

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2014 86 min Comedy Age rating: 6
Language: German
STL: German

Bollywood from Austria "Servus Ishq" tells the journey of Maya, a young woman who grew up in India as the daughter of an Austrian mother and an Indian father. Following the last wish of her deceased Tyrolean grandmother, Maya is to bring her urn to Austria and bury it in the pilgrimage site of Mariazell. Maya embarks on a search for clues through her grandmother's life. She visits various places in Austria where her grandmother spent her youthful years, accompanied by memories and stories written down in letters. While Maya gradually says goodbye to her grandmother in this way, she becomes entangled in a fateful love affair. Raised as an Indian, she had resigned herself to her "arranged marriage." Now, in faraway Austria, she experiences hitherto completely unknown emotions, triggered by the affection of Jay, a young Indian migrant, which challenges her previously learned values. In Mariazell, she says goodbye to (the urn of) her beloved grandmother. But is Maya also saying goodbye to Indian tradition, and can she admit her incredible love to herself and Jay?


Victoria Nogueira, Sandeep Kumar, Neha Kapdi, Barbara Zegler, Anita Sahni, Vijay Sahni, Amit Jairath, Hubert Tscheppe, Peter Buchta, Nilesh Nathwani and more


Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar


Josef Aichholzer, Sandeep Kumar

Britta Nahler

Music: Roman Kariolou, Afroz Khan

Sound: Christopher Korkisch, Wolfgang Rittinger, Karoline Heflin, Axel Koller.

Equipment: Beena Singh


Sandeep Kumar Films, Aichholzer Film
Country of Production