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2016 101 min Drama Age rating: 12
Language: German
STL: English, Spanish

A film by Monja Art. The last weeks before the summer vacations, somewhere in Lower Austria. The 17-year-old boarding school student Paula is secretly in love with her friend Charlotte. But she is with Michael. To distract herself from her sorrow, Paula gets involved with her school friend Tim, who has real feelings for her himself. Paula has no idea how often Charlotte thinks about her. And suddenly Lilli comes into play, longing to be desired and acting as a wild seductress herself. Paula must decide whether to follow her own feelings or those of others. Lanzenkirchen, mon amour: debutant director Monja Art depicts being a teenager in the province as a roller coaster ride of emotions and in a collection of amorous mini-dramas. In the midst of their dreary school day and debauched village disco visits, Paula and her friends are like all normal teenagers: wonderful and upper-class ticking time bombs who will soon grow up and then possibly be sensible. Until then, their biggest fear is getting stuck in this small town. Outside, you can hear brass band music, a combine harvester is making its rounds, and with a bit of luck, a bus will soon arrive.


Elisabeth Wabitsch, Anaelle Dézsy, Alexandra Schmidt, Christopher Schärf, Alexander Wychodil, Leo Plankensteiner, Bogdan Hrnjak, Vanessa Ozinge, Daniel Prem, Musa-Same Ramadanoski and more


Monja Art

Monja Art

Caroline Bobek

Ulrich Gehmacher

Monja Art, Claudia Linzer

Sound: Hjalti Bager-Jonathansson


Orbrock Film
Country of Production