Signs of War

Signs of War

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2022 85 min Documentary Age rating: 12
Language: English
STL: German

After years of working in the Dutch parliament, photographer Pierre Crom decides that "it might be more interesting to follow the results of their political decisions instead of making propaganda for politicians". In February 2014, he traveled to Crimea in Ukraine on a one-way plane ticket, one day before its annexation by Russia. From then on, he found himself in the middle of a rapidly escalating conflict and decided to stay. The start of the war in Sloviansk, the crash of the MH17 plane, the tank battle in Debaltseve - he manages to gain access to the most important historical stages of this war. Pierre was "lucky" as a photographer. As a person, however, he had to confront violent events on a scale that he could never have imagined before.


Pierre Crom u.v.m.


Juri Rechinsky & Pierre Crom

Juri Rechinsky

Serhiy Stefan Stetsenko

Juri Rechinsky, Pierre Crom

Juri Rechinsky

fragile features
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Austria, Ukraine, Netherlands