Speak Easy

Speak Easy

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1992 127 min Avant-Garde Age rating: 0
Language: German

"Highlights of domestic short filmmaking from 1992 - 2001 are gathered in this compilation: SONNENFLECKEN (1998) by Barbara Albert, ÄGYPTEN (1997) by Kathrin Resetarits, AUTOMATIC (2002) by Josef Dabernig/G.R.A.M., DIE SCHWARZE SONNE (1992) by Johannes Hammel, FLORA (1996) by Jessica Hausner, SPEAK EASY (1997) by Mirjam Unger, and - nominated for a short film Oscar - Virgil Widrich's COPY SHOP (2001). "The young female directors explore youthful lifeworlds, their male colleagues contribute varieties of science fiction and road movie." (Isabella Reicher) At this point, by the way, many thanks to Brigitta Burger-Utzer and sixpackfilm for their support and advice in explorations and selection in short and avant-garde film." CLAUS PHILLIP

"Seven films from ten years. A small slice of Austrian film history that depicts the captivating diversity of the 'small form'." ISABELLA REICHER


Victor Tremmel, Nina Proll, Kathrin Resetarits, Una Wipplinger, Eva Maria Klauser, Hakan Baykal, Elisabeth Ebner-Haid, Johannes Silberschneider and many more


Barbara Albert, Josef Dabernig & G.R.A.M., Johannes Hammel, Jessica Hausner, Kathrin Resetarits, Mirjam Unger, Virgil Widrich

  • Barbara Albert: SONNENFLECKEN - 1998 (25 min.)
  • Kathrin Resetarits: ÄGYPTEN - 1997 (10 min.)
  • Josef Dabernig/G.R.A.M.: AUTOMATIC - 2002 (7 min.)
  • Johannes Hammel: DIE SCHWARZE SONNE - 1992 (26 min.)
  • Jessica Hausner: FLORA - 1996 (25 min.)
  • Mirjam Unger: SPEAK EASY - 1997 (20 min.)
  • Virgil Widrich: COPY SHOP - 2001 (12 min.)


In Cooperation with Sixpackfilm
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