Talk to Me - Episode #3

Talk to Me - Episode #3

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2020 46 min Documentary Age rating: 12
Language: German
STL: German, English

At the last moment Heinz Krausz is put by his mother on a train that takes him to Trieste, where his father, who has already fled, puts him on a ship to Palestine. While his mother is deported to Auschwitz and survives there with the help of an Austrian (!) SS man, Krausz joins the Palmach and actively works on the foundation of Israel. With a letter to Ben-Gurion, his mother arranges for Heinz to return to Vienna to help rebuild the lost factory. He emphatically makes his grandson understand the importance of the State of Israel for the Jews. His grandson Theo is about to graduate from high school, and although he has studied the family's history, many questions arise for him and thus for the viewer, especially concerning the ambivalence of his great-grandmother's survival and his grandfather's confrontation with anti-Semitism in Austria after the war.


Heinz Krausz and Theo Krausz


Fabian Eder

Astrid Heubrandtner-Verschuur, Carlo Hofmann, Richi Wagner and more

Katharina Stemberger & Fabian Eder

Esther Fischer

Country of Production