Talk to Me - Episode #5

Talk to Me - Episode #5

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2020 49 min Documentary Age rating: 12
Language: German
STL: German, English

This episode tells the stories of three young girls who were deported to Theresienstadt as children. But the prehistory is also impressively portrayed with the experiences of the children, especially since Helga Feldner-Busztin and Liese Scheiderbauer are sisters. Historically, we connect the story with the Austrian camp director Anton Burger, who not only organized the mass transports from Terezín to Auschwitz, turning the camp into a transit camp, but was also responsible for the transport of 1200 children from Terezín directly to Birkenau in 1943. Anna Goldenberg is a young journalist who has already published about her family's history, but the conversation with her great-aunt remains very personal. Benny Hess is a politically active student in the Jewish community and seeks perspectives on the future, while student Lucy Wegenstein seeks the private aspects of Helga Pollak-Kinsky's story.

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The girls from Theresienstadt: Helga Pollak-Kinsky, Liese Scheiderbauer, Helga Feldner Busztin


Fabian Eder

Astrid Heubrandtner-Verschuur, Carlo Hofmann, Richi Wagner and more

Katharina Stemberger & Fabian Eder

Esther Fischer

Country of Production