South Tyrol in search of identity

South Tyrol in search of identity

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2019 76 min Documentary Age rating: 0
Language: German

The year 2019 marked the anniversary of three events of historical significance for South Tyrol. With the Peace Treaty of St. Germain, signed on September 10, 1919, South Tyrol was finally awarded to the victorious power Italy after the First World War. Twenty years later, by the end of 1939, South Tyroleans had to choose between remaining in Italian-speaking South Tyrol or emigrating to the German Reich. This so-called option, a pact between Hitler and Mussolini, like Italian fascism, left deep traces within the families that still linger today. At the end of November 1969, in turn, the so-called package was adopted, which had been preceded by years of tough negotiations between Austria and Italy and also years of terrorism. The agreement, with a total of 137 measures to better protect the minority, finally ushered in South Tyrolean autonomy, which today is described worldwide as exemplary. This film wants to make its contribution for the European spirit in the small-large space on the 100th anniversary of the Treaty of St. Germain, 80 years of the South Tyrolean Option and 50 years of the conclusion of the package. However, the TV and cinema documentary is not primarily a retrospective. The focus is on young South Tyroleans who will shape the future of this borderland. The film sets out with these protagonists in search of the South Tyrolean identity of the present.


Birgit-Sabine Sommer

Thomas Hanifle

Joachim Unterhofer

Kurt Langbein

Alexandra Wedenig

Daniel Rogger, Petra Morzé (Sprecherin) u.v.m.


Langbein & Partner mit ORF, 3sat, RAI Südtirol
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Austria, Italy