The Gift of Sound and Vision

The Gift of Sound and Vision

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1997 84 min Avant-Garde Age rating: 0
Language: German

Long before cinema, optical spectacles were accompanied by music. The use of acoustic and optical elements to produce synaesthetic events has not lost its appeal, indeed it seems to call for digital, computer-programmed image and sound sources, especially in the abstract realm. Since the 1990s, a lively scene of electronic musicians and video artists in Austria has been continuously collaborating and causing a sensation at international festivals with their innovative audiovisual works. Some of the most sensual examples can be found in this compilation.


Gustav Deutsch, Barbara Doser u.v.m.

* GUSTAV DEUTSCH: Spectrum (2003, F, 49 sek), sound: Martin Siewert * \[N:JA\]: track 09 (A 2001, F, 4 min), sound: shabotinski * BARBARA DOSER: even odd even (2004, s/w, 8 min), sound: Hofstetter Kurt (arranged by B. Doser) * NORBERT PFAFFENBICHLER/LOTTE SCHREIBER: 36 (2001, F, 2 min), sound: Stefan Németh * MICHAELA SCHWENTNER: transistor (2000, F, 6 min), Music: Radian * MICHAELA GRILL, MARTIN SIEWERT: cityscapes (2007, s/w, 16 min), Music: Martin Siewert * DARIUSZ KOWALSK: Luukkaankangas – updated, revisited (2005, F, 8 min), sound: Stefan Németh * LIA: G.S.I.L.VI /almada (2001, F, 4 min), sound: @c * BEN POINTEKER: Overfart (1999, F, 6 min), Music: General Magic * SIEGFRIED A. FRUHAUF: REALTIME (2003, F, 6 min), Music: Christoph Ruschak, Jürgen Gruber * BILLY ROISZ: -2:20 (2003, F, 4 min), sound: dieb13 * JÜRGEN MORITZ: Instrument (1997, F, 5 min), Music: Christian Fennesz * DIDI BRUCKMAYR/MICHAEL STROHMANN: Ich bin traurig (2003, F, 5 min), sound: Fuckhead * TINA FRANK: chronomops (2004, F, 2 min), Music: General Magic * KARØ GOLDT: subrosa (2004, F, 4 min), sound: rashim * SKOT: Aus (1998, F/s/w, 4 min), Music: Christian Fennesz (p) 1997 Mego © Editions Mego

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