This Land Is My Land

This Land Is My Land

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2020 105 min Documentary Age rating: 6
Language: English
STL: German, English

"What the hell is happening to my country?" With this burning question, Susanne Brandstätter - American-Austrian documentary filmmaker - visits Trump voters in Ohio. And discovers there the microcosm of a deeply divided USA. In the course of filming, the filmmaker gets closer to some atypical Trump voters. Brandstätter asks herself the question, "Can I really understand someone who thinks and feels so fundamentally different from me?" In the process, the documentary "This Land Is My Land" reveals amazing parallels between voters of all parties, as well as the political developments between America and Europe. Particularly when one traces the question of why we humans insist on our political (and other) opinions, even when we are wrong. What remained incomprehensible until the end suddenly becomes tangible.


Celeste Corbissero, Shizuka Ochiai, Joel Lancry, Lauri Katz, Austin McClain and more


Susanne Brandstätter

Susanne Brandstätter

Joerg Burger

Susanne Brandstätter

Susanne Brandstätter, Michaela Müllner

Susanne Brandstätter Filmproduktion e.U., Envision Film
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