Tom Turbo - Von 0 auf 111

Tom Turbo - Von 0 auf 111

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2013 79 min Comedy Age rating: 0
Language: German

Karo and Klaro are clever twins who live with their single father Klaus. They meet Thomas in the zoo, where he has a secret underground writing hideaway and wants to write a new book. Karo and Klaro are immediately hooked: Karo loves to draw sketches and comics, while Klaro takes on the technical inventor part. Together they create the idea of a super bike Tom Turbo. It should be a bike that can talk and solve detective cases. However, their joy is dampened by Emma Fingergold, a former schoolmate of father Klaus. There seems to be a spark between Emma and Klaus, which Karo and Klaro don't like at all. At a flea market, the family discovers a mysteriously glowing sphere. But as it soon turns out, this ball is the mysterious "Tom Tempo" and that's when the "turbulent" adventure really gets going: because the crooks Rudi Ratte and Fritz Fantom, teased by Aunt Freda Fantom, are simultaneously on the hunt for the "Tom Tempo". Who has the edge? Is it the crooks or Karo and Klaro, who are using the ball for their invention, the wonder bicycle?


Thomas Brezina, Theresa Dobersberger, Nepomuk Krisper, Manuel Witting, Andrea Eckert, Simon Schober, Michael Pink, Sigrid Spörk u.v.m.


Dirk Regel

Thomas C. Brezina

Peter Zeitlinger

Thomas Brezina, Wolfgang Rest, Stefan Guggemos

Ingrid Koller

Family Pictures Film GmbH
Country of Production