Wall of Silence

Wall of Silence

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1994 88 min Documentary Age rating: 0
Language: German
STL: English

Excavations on the outskirts of Rechnitz reveal what has been suppressed: 180 Jewish forced laborers were murdered and buried here immediately before the end of the Second World War. Isidor Sandorffy endeavors to have the victims exhumed and buried according to Jewish ritual - and comes up against a wall of silence.

"It would be so easy to put Rechnitz in the brown corner. With the old Nazi Portschy, who lives there, and then everything is clear anyway," said Eduard Erne in a conversation with Peter Wagner in 1994. He and Margareta Heinrich worked and researched for four years on this remarkable document, which contributed to the emergence of a new culture of remembrance.

"With WALL OF SILENCE, Margareta Heinrich has succeeded in reinventing herself as a filmmaker, both formally and thematically, and it has endured in the Austrian film landscape to this day."



Karin Anselm, Kornelia Boje, Peter Kollek and many more

Margareta Heinrich, Eduard Erne

Margareta Heinrich, Eduard Erne

Hermann Dunzendorfer, Hans Hager, Fritz Köberl, Bernd Neuburger, Edwin Wes

Paul M. Sedlacek, Regina Turkka-Schubert

SOUND: Oliver Stummer, Bernhard Bamberger, Michael Busch, Clemens Sturm, Mark Radomsky MUSIC: Peter Ponger

Lukas Stepanik, Roy Dames, Dieter Reifarth
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DVD Edition # 318